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Two Temples in Dapeng

This article was originally published on December 31, 2010, in the Shenzhen Daily.
The information was accurate at that time, and may be outdated now. Use with caution.

NOTE (added September, 2019): This temple has undergone a massive transformation. The Daoist-style temple shown here is gone, replaced by a gorgeous modern Buddhist temple.

The former front hall at Dongshan Temple (probably gone now)
The ancient fortress at Dapeng is justifiably one of Shenzhen's best-known attractions. But the area around Dapeng Town boasts two more excellent destinations, both of which are Buddhist temples.

Dongshan Temple

A quaint Dao-like hall at Dongshan Temple (also probably gone)
A 10-minute walk from the fort's east gate leads to Dongshan ("East Mountain") Temple. The first temple on this site was built in 1394. Although it's called Buddhist, the old temple is a jewel of Daoism, with a typical "three-hall, two-courtyard" construction filled with beautiful statues and paintings of folk figures.

A small, ancient pagoda next to Dongshan Temple
But at the base of the hill a temporary hall with bronze statues of three Buddhas and the Eighteen Arhats is the forerunner of what will be a major Buddhist temple, the gateway of which is nearing completion.

Longyan Temple

The exterior of Longyan Temple holds no hint of the wonder inside
The other nearby temple is less than one kilometer from the center of the town (where travelers change from line 360 or 364 to minibus 928 out to the fortress). Just south of town is Longyan ("Dragon Cliff") Temple, first built in 1862.

Giant boulder over the altar at Longyan Temple
The mountain (named for Guanyin, the bodhisattva of compassion) is a jumble of giant boulders, the most astonishing of which protrudes from the mountainside like a giant Frisbee. The temple's main altar is located directly beneath this monolith, which also forms part of the temple's roof.

This, and the fresh-water spring bursting from the front of the temple would be reason enough for a visit; but plans are afoot to develop the site into a major attraction, complete with a monumental statue of Guanyin at the top of the hill.

A visit to Dapeng wouldn't be complete without seeing the Dapeng Fortress.

GPS Info:
  • Dongshan Temple = 22.59623, 114.52003
  • Longyan Temple = 22.59020, 114.46531

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