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List of Revolutionary Tourist Attractions

This list was published in the Shenzhen Daily on June 3, 2011. Many of the sites listed here are covered by my articles; others are not. The larger article on that page, "Revolutionary tourist attractions in SZ (Part I)," as well as "Part II," give a little more background on each site, and what makes it "revolutionary." Enjoy!

  • Lianhua Hill: 6030 Hongli Road West, Futian District (福田区红荔西路6030号)
  • New Shenzhen Museum: Zone A, Civic Center, Futian District (福田区市民中心A区深圳博物馆)
  • Old Shenzhen Museum: 6 Tongxin Road, Futian District (福田区同心路6号)
  • Xiasha Museum: Xiasha Village, Futian District (福田区下沙村)
  • Nantou Ancient Town Museum: 2 Jiaochang, Nantou, Nanshan District (南山区南头较场2号)
  • Zhongshan Park: 42 Zhongshan Road West, Nantou Street 9, Nanshan District (南山区南头九街中山西街42号)
  • China Merchant Group Historical Museum: 21 Yanshan Road, Shekou, Nanshan District (南山区蛇口沿山路21号)
  • Chiwan Left Battery: Chiwan Road 1, Nanshan District (南山区赤湾1路)
  • Diwang Observation Deck: 69/F, Diwang Masion, Shennan Road East, Luohu District (罗湖区深南东路地王商业中心69楼)
  • Fairy Lake: 160 Xianhu Road, Liantang, Luohu District (罗湖区莲塘仙湖路160号)
  • Zhongying Street Museum: 9 Huancheng Road, Shatoujiao, Yantian District (盐田区沙头角镇内环城路九号)
  • Gengzi Uprising Memorial Hall: OCT East, Dameisha, Yantian District (盐田区大梅沙东部华侨城)
  • Chinese Cultural Celebrities Memorial Hall: Baishilong Community, Minzhi Subdistrict, Bao'an District (宝安区民治街道白石龙社区)
  • Migrant Workers' Museum: 6 Yonghe Road, Shangwu Community, Shiyan Subdistrict, Bao'an District (宝安区石岩街道上屋社区永和路6号)
  • Qiushuishan Park: Nanling Village, Nanwan Community, Longgang District (宝安区南湾社区南岭村)
  • Dongjiang Memorial Pavilion: 沙Shayuchong, Tuyang, Kuichong Subdistrict, Longgang District (龙岗区葵涌街道土洋沙渔涌)
  • Dapeng Fortress: Pengcheng Community, Dapeng Subdistrict, Longgang District (龙岗区大鹏街道鹏城社区)
  • Former site of Dongjiang Guerrilla Headquarters: Tuyang Community, Kuichong Subdistrict, Longgang District (龙岗区葵涌街道土洋社区)
  • Dongjiang Guerrilla Memorial Hall: Dongzong Road, Pingshan Subdistrict, Pingshan New Zone (坪山街道东纵路)

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