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Universiade Venues on the Metro

This article was originally published on July 25, 2011, in the Shenzhen Daily.
The information was accurate at that time, and may be outdated now. Use with caution.

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On a recent research trip, I ran across a large map of the Metro system which, although not a complete list of Universiade venues, did highlight those venues which can be accessed from various Metro stations. Here they are, line-by-line, in more-or-less west to east or south-to-north order.

Line 1 (Luobao Line):

Bao'an Stadium (Baoti 宝体) Station: Shenzhen Sports Center Bao'an Stadium (宝安体育中心体育馆), 40000 seats, football competition

Bao'an Center (Bao'an Zhongxin 宝安中心) Station, where Line 1 crosses Line 5 (Huanzhong Line): Bao'an Stadium (宝安区体育场), nearly 8200 seats [Upon review, this seems confusing; it may be, in fact, that the stadium can be accessed from this AND Bao'an Stadium Station, as it lies between the two.]

Shenzhen University (Shenda 深大) Station: Yuanping Gymnasium (元平体育馆) at Shenzhen University, 2200 seats, volleyball competition

Chegongmiao (车公庙) Station:  Shenzhen Senior High Gymnasium (深圳市高级中学体育馆), over 2500 seats

Shenzhen Exhibition Center (Huizhan Zhongxin 会展中心) Station, where Line 1 crosses Line 4 (Longhua Line): Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (深圳会展中心), where related exhibitions will be held

Line 2 (Shekou Line):

Houhai (后海) Station: Shenzhen Bay Sports Center (深圳湾体育中心), the "Spring Cocoon," a main venue where the opening ceremony and numerous competitons will be held; features "One stadium and Two Gymnasiums"

Line 3 (Longgang Line):

Tongxin Ling (通新岭) Station: Shenzhen Gymnasium (深圳体育) and Shenzhen Stadium (深圳体育场), with 34,900 seats; football competitions and the sub-press center

Universiade Station (Dayuan大运) Station: Site of the Universiade Village, nearby venues include the Universiade Center Stadium (深圳市大运中心体育场) with 60,000 seats; Universiade Center Natatorium (大运中心游泳馆), 2800 seats for swimming competitions

Line 5 (Huanzhong Line):

Xili (西丽) Station: Shenzhen Polytechnic Gymnasium (深圳职业技术学院体育馆). The map shows it at Liuxian Dong Station, but that's the west campus; I have it on good authority that the volleyball competition will be on the East Campus, at Xili Station. Besides, the East Campus gymnasium is the one illustrated on the map!

University Town (Daxue Cheng 大学城) Station: University Town Stadium (大学城体育馆) with nearly 5700 seats.

There's a little more information about the Universiade Village in an article I wrote.

GPS Info:

 Line 1 (Luobao Line):

Baoti Station
  • Bao'an Stadium = 22.56116, 113.88481
  • Bao'an Gymnasium = 22.55835, 113.88022

Shenda Station
  • Shenzhen University Gymnasium = 22.53586, 113.93862

Chegongmiao Station
  • Shenzhen Senior High Gymnasium = 22.54637, 114.01758

Huizhan Zhongxin Station
  • Shenzhen Exhibition Center = 22.53087, 114.06004

Line 2 (Shekou Line):

Houhai Station
  • Shenzhen Bay Sports Center = 22.51829, 113.94975

Line 3 (Longgang Line):

Tongxinling Station
  • Shenzhen Gymnasium and Shenzhen Stadium = 22.55941, 114.09218

Dayun Station
  • Universiade Center Stadium = 22.69498, 114.21732
  • Universiade Center Natatorium = 22.70221, 114.20955
  • Universiade Village = 22.68752, 114.21758

Line 5 (Huanzhong Line):

Xili Station
  • Shenzhen Polytechnic Gymnasium = 22.590616, 113.948830

Daxuecheng Station
  • University Town Stadium = 22.58738,113.98048

I won't even try to do maps for all those sites. If you're looking for one in particular, put the GPS info into the search window of Google Maps and press GO!

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