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Xiangmi Hu

As nearly as I can tell, this article was never published in the Shenzhen Daily.
This was at the time of the Universiade, when the paper "adjusted" its publishing schedule.
Anyway, the information was accurate when written, and may be outdated now. Use with caution.

The D.Club at Honey Lake Resort
There was a time a mere few decades ago when "civilization" ended around Huafu Lu on the edge of the Huaqiang Bei shopping district, and didn't start again until somewhere close to Shekou. Smack dab in the middle of all that is the Xiangmi Hu ("Honey Lake") Resort area.

Now surrounded by urbanization, it is still an oasis in the city.

An equestrian statue in front of the D.Club
Unfortunately, at the time of my visit, the renowned theme park (including giant water slides and thrill rides manufactured in various countries) was closed indefinitely. Too bad, as it was touted as a "Chinese Disneyland." But the large zones north and south of the park are definitely not to be missed.

A sculpture in a fountain in front of the D.Club
The D.Club's swimming pool
In the north, along Qiaoxiang Road, is the striking "D.Club" (Deshibao, east of Xiangmi Station on the Shekou Line, Line 2). Looking like a cross between a Roman villa and a medieval castle, this complex houses a hotel, spa, beauty salon, and restaurants. There is also access to tennis, golf, and one of the most elegant (and underused) swimming pools I've seen in Shenzhen.

Gateway in the southern restaurant area of Xiangmi Hu
On the south side, between Hongli and Shennan Roads, is a huge complex of restaurants of all kinds (sprinkled with a few car dealerships). My longtime favorite is a Yunnan vegetarian place, but meat-eaters will find plenty of places grilling to their satisfaction.

Entrance to Yunlaiju ("Windlucky") Yunnan vegetarian restaurant
To reach the south zone, walk west along Shennan from Xiangmi Hu Station on the Luobao Line (Line 1) to the large gate of the complex.

Between these two areas are numerous hotels, training centers, and other businesses. Check it out!

GPS Info:
  • 22.54710, 114.03160


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