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Cuizhu Park

This article was originally published on July 15, 2011, in the Shenzhen Daily.
The information was accurate at that time, and may be outdated now. Use with caution.

The West Entrance to Cuizhu Park
Continuing my exploration of the new Metro lines and their destinations, I noted Cuizhu Station on Line 3 (the Longgang Line), and decided to take it to Cuizhu Park, named for a species of bamboo.

Stairs leading to the summit of Cuizhu Park
But when I left the station's Exit C, I discovered that it was still a ways to the park's West Entrance. You can take any bus at the Cuizhu Yuan (翠竹苑‎) stop across from the exit, and ride two stops north to Kangning Yiyuan (康宁医院‎) to save your energy for climbing the mountain.

Because this park is virtually nothing but a glorious bamboo-covered mountain!

The large "Yin Yang" symbol near the west gatexiang
The West Entrance Plaza, inset with a huge Taiji ("Yin Yang") symbol, is one of the sites of the venerable Luohu Community English Corner, which offers "millions of citizens the opportunity to learn English" (according to the sign).

A bas relief along the circular path
Detail of the bas relief
About 250 steps up the mountain, I reached the park's ring road. One way to enjoy the park is to walk this circle, with its gently rising and falling undulations.

The Pavilion at the top of Cuizhu Park
But although I hate exercise, I took the harder route. (I'll go to great lengths to bring you a report!) After struggling up another 425 or so steps (yes, I counted), past flashy blue-and-black butterflies, amidst birdsong and the susurration of wind in the bamboos, I finally reached the summit--only to find that there were more stairs to climb, in the pavilion at the top!

Central Luohu from the Pavilion at the top of Cuizhu Park
Mount Wutong from the Pavilion at the top of Cuizhu Park
But it offered great views of Mount Wutong to the east, and central Luohu (the Diwang Building, and so on) to the southwest. Well worth the climb, and the trip back down via a different route to the East Gate.

GPS Info:
  • 22.56296, 114.13378


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