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The Shenzhen Ancient Art Museum

This article was originally published on October 1, 2010, in the Shenzhen Daily.
The information was accurate at that time, and may be outdated now. Use with caution.

The front of the museum, set back from Shennan Thoroughfare

In another article I wrote about the (then) new Shenzhen History Museum. This time, let's visit the Shenzhen Ancient Art Museum, next to Lizhi Park, which is sometimes referred to as the "Old Hall" of the Museum.

Friends gather in front of a sculpture near the entrance to the museum grounds
Established soon after the opening of the Special Economic Zone, it's the city's oldest exhibition hall. Construction was completed in 1988, and features an unusual spiraling ramp which joins the floors (sometimes it's difficult to know exactly which floor you're on!)

On a recent [2010] visit, the only permanent exhibitions were the Bronze Collection and specimens of local fauna, including an extensive collection of marine life.

A miniature oxcart from the Northern Dynasty (386-581 AD)
Zhong (bells) from the Shang Dynasty
The bronzes were excellent, with some English signage and a wide array of artifacts, including wine vessels and musical instruments from over 3,000 years ago, mirrors from the Eastern Han (25-220 AD), and a miniature oxcart from the Northern Dynasty (386-581 AD).

Some rather sad-looking stuffed wildlife
The animal exhibition, alas, is somewhat threadbare, and lacks any signs in English. I'm looking forward to its upgrade.

A photo in front of a colossal statue of a comfortable-looking Deng Xiaoping was the day's hot ticket
There was also a changing exhibition when we visited, an extensive display on the life of Deng Xiaoping, the "Father of Shenzhen." This will probably be gone by the time you read this, but it bodes well for the quality of future changing exhibits. Some time when you're near Ke Xue Guan station, go take a look!

Ancient (looking?) statuary outside the museum's gate
Chinese zodiac animals in a pond immediately in front of the museum
The Ancient Art Museum's sister institution can be found in my article on "The Shenzhen History Museum."

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