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One Day in Shenzhen (and Lizhi Park)

This article was originally published on April 5, 2010, in the Shenzhen Daily.
The information was accurate at that time, and may be outdated now. Use with caution.

Like the pictures below, this one shows friends having fun posing with the statues
Debuted in the year 2000, the "One Day in Shenzhen" installation (which inspired the name of both my Shenzhen Daily column and this blog) is a unique homage to the everyday people who make this city tick.

Selected at random on November 29, 1999, eighteen Shenzheners are depicted in life-sized bronze statues against a backdrop of black walls bearing information on what was happening in the city that day, as well as general information on Shenzhen--an artistic time-capsule.

Some of the figures:
  • Yang Feiyi, a 41-year-old Hong Kong man selling medicines at Zhongying Street in Shatoujiao
  • Li Hezhen, age 19, a young man from Henan who (like so many here) was looking for a job
  • Alexandre Cotting, a 27-year-old Swiss expat working as a software engineer
  • Xiao Fuyuan, a 58-year-old retired man from Lanzhou, who came to Shenzhen to live with his daughter
  • Wu Tongshan, a 5-year-old boy from Hunan, now in Kindergarten in Shenzhen

There are more: a designer, a street cleaner, a doctor, a building contractor, a middle-school girl, a clothing-factory worker, a stock broker, office and hotel staff. When I visit them, I often wonder where they are today, and what they're doing. Is Xiao Fuyuan still in good health? How is Wu Tongshan doing in school? Is Alexandre Cotting still here? And did Le Hezhen ever find a job?

The installation can be seen near the northwest corner of Hongli Road and Hongling Road (just north of Lizhi Park). Take the Longgang Metro Line to Hongli Station, Exit C.

Da Juyuan Metro Station Exit B; walk west on Shennan and turn right (north) on Hongling to the intersection of Hongli.

GPS Info:
  • One Day in Shenzhen = 22.54947, 114.10376
  • Lizhi Park = 22.54362, 114.10303


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