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A few notes about the "GPS Info" provided:

1. The maps that Google uses for China are not perfectly synched to the "Satellite View." (This is a "known issue.") Because of this, the data that I give will work well in Google Maps, but may not be exactly right in a handheld GPS device onsite (though some users report that Map View is correct, and Satellite View is out of kilter). If you can handle the Chinese characters, the two views line up better in the Chinese version.

2. When a site is not shown on Google Maps, the info I give may be approximate (e.g., on the same block, in the same plaza, etc.).

3. Google Maps have been known to exhibit some "drift" from time to time. This is especially true with "Placemarks," those little balloon thingies used to mark a place (duh). Although I have not used them on these maps, it may also be true that the GPS info itself drifts. Use with caution.

After all, FINDING these places is half the fun!

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