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You may have noticed the little yellow "Donate" button above.

"Why should I give you anything?" you might ask.

Good question.

It would be great if you'd consider making a donation, either through the button, or by direct deposit (details available on request; see address below).

There are a million reasons to build websites and blogs; I built this one mainly (a) to share what I've learned about Shenzhen in living here over a decade, and (b) to make a little money.

Photo by Lila's niece Hannah, then aged 8.
My wife Lila and I live a pretty simple life here in South China. We live in the dorm of the school where we teach. I rarely eat out (she a little more often--maybe once a week), and we pursue our interests: baking, running, and ukulele for her; reading and writing for me.

We have no car. A small mortgage. No other debt.

As long as we live in China, the money's OK. But eventually, we want to live in the Philippines, where things can be a little tougher economically.

When we get there, we want to do volunteer work with people in depressed areas, helping them improve their English and other skills that will help them "get a leg up" on life.

A little time, a little money, a little expertise can make a BIG difference. We are already in touch with people in the city where we own a small house, and are developing some great opportunities to "do good."

Your donations will help make that dream a reality.

If you used these pages to have a nice day out, or just participated as an "armchair traveler," why not a TIP for the TIPS?

Give a little in return. Support our mission. Participate in our adventure. Make a donation.

Thank you!

My email is "James" followed by "Baquet" as one 11-letter word (no caps) followed by that "at" sign, then "gmail" and the "dot" and the "com"

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