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Shopping in Shenzhen: The New Kids

This article was originally published on April 22, 2011, in the Shenzhen Daily.
The information was accurate at that time, and may be outdated now. Use with caution.

We have looked at some of Shenzhen's "Old School" shopping venues. This time, we'll talk about malls opened in the "Post-Metro" era, all with cinemas, upscale fashion, and fine dining.

Most of these are along the Metro (even connected to it by underground passages); we'll examine them in Luohu-to-Shekou order. I've put each mall's "foreign" supermarket in parentheses.

Mix City (The MiXc") at Daju Yuan station
Mix City, or "The MiXc," opened the same month as the first subway lines, and was the first mall connected directly to a subway station (Daju Yuan on Line 1). It's still an excellent destination, and has an ice-skating rink. (Ole)

KK Mall, also at Daju Yuan, opened last December. It features the newest "tallest building in Shenzhen" and also has Shenzhen's first IMAX theater. (BLT)

Subterranean patio at Central Walk
Central Walk is truly central, at Huizhan Zhongxin Station on Lines 1 and 4. Have a great sandwich or pizza there. (Carrefour)

Coco Park at Gouwu Gongyuan has a popular bar street (in the south precinct) and lots of "foreign" restaurants, north and south. (Jusco)

Yitian Holiday Plaza at Shijie Zhichuang also has an ice-skating rink and large toy store. (Ole)

IKEA at European City
Although it's not on the Metro, I feel compelled to mention "European City," with its Ikea, Decathalon, B&Q housewares, and Metro Supermarket. "European" indeed!

Finally, around the bend (at Houhai Station on Line 2 to Shekou) are Coastal City and Poly Cultural Square, featuring Poly Theater. (Jusco and Carrefour)

There are lots more, but that should keep you shopping for a while!

GPS Info:
  • Central Walk = 22.5358, 114.0596
  • Coastal City and Poly Cultural Square = 22.5173, 113.9358
  • Coco Park = 22.5346, 114.0544
  • European City = 22.5565, 113.9655
  • KK Mall = 22.5431, 114.1066
  • Mix City, or "The MiXc" = 22.5401, 114.1109
  • Yitian Holiday Plaza = 22.5373, 113.9759

Click on the links to see the maps:

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