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Three Parks in Luohu

This article was originally published on August 27, 2010, in the Shenzhen Daily.
The information was accurate at that time, and may be outdated now. Use with caution.

A quiet redwood forest in Honghu Park
Since the year 2000, Shenzhen has been renowned as an "International Garden City" with large amounts of green space. Several of those spaces are in Luohu, the older, more settled portion of Shenzhen's central area.

Children's Park

A carousel in Children's Park
First, for kids of all ages, there's the Children's Park (儿童公园, Ertong Gongyuan) on Dongmen Middle Road. The park has a "fun zone" with a miniature train, a swinging pirate ship, bumper cars, and other rides, as well as a pool play area.

Friends play around on statues of the Chinese zodiac in Children's Park
In one area there is a series of statues of the Chinese zodiac animals. Find your sign and take a picture next to it! Another cute-for-kids feature is the benches which are held up by molded cartoon animals.

People's Park

West of Children's Park (and north of the Dongmen shopping area) is People's Park (人民公园 Renmin Gongyuan), a more sedate place that still boasts a kiddies' play area near its northern end.

Another attractive bridge in People's Park
The main attraction here is the beautiful landscaping centering around linked lakes and waterways. The scenic hill area and the extensive rose gardens are also pleasant places for a stroll.

Honghu Park

Pavilions and Bridges in the northern zone of Honghu Park
Adjoining People's park on the north (but requiring a long walk in the street between the gates) is Honghu Park (洪湖公園 Honghu Gongyuan). The northern end of the park is nicely landscaped, with islands, bridges, and an explosion of lotus flowers in the water.

The "wild" southern zone of Honghu Park
The southern end, however (closer to People's Park), is virtually wild, a surprising expanse of trees and water in the city's center.

It's easy enough to walk between Children's Park, People's Park, and Honghu Park. Take a full day to enjoy these breathing spaces in the heart of the city.

GPS Info:
  • Children's Park = 22.55386, 114.12458
  • People's Park = 22.55303, 114.11726
  • Honghu Park = 22.5664, 114.1201

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