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The Shekou Metro Line

This article was originally published on February 25, 2011, in the Shenzhen Daily.
The information was accurate at that time, and may be outdated now. Use with caution.

An artistic portrayal of the entire line [at the time, just to Windows of the World]
I recently rode the Shekou Metro Line (Line 2), which is one of Shenzhen's newest. [At that time, it ran only from Chiwan to Windows of the World; it has now been extended north and east, well into Luohu.]

Chiwan, depicting the gate of the Tianhou Temple
Easily boarded at Windows of the World (世界之窗) Station, Line 2 whisks you all the way to Chiwan, where you can visit the Tianhou Temple and the boy emperor's tomb. You'll need to take the free shuttle bus to the Chiwan central area, though, as regular bus service from the station has not yet begun.

Shekou Port
Other locations are more convenient. Shekou Port (蛇口港) Station stops at the edge of the parking lot for the Hong Kong and Macau ferries. Shekou Sea World (海上世界) Station is also well-placed. And those headed for Coastal City or Poly Cultural Center will find that Houhai (后海) Station puts them right where they want to be.

The new cars are of course clean and state-of-the-art. However, one of the most enjoyable aspects of the whole experience is the traditional artwork associated with the line, as illustrated here. Each car currently has decorations (in the windows of the car doors) based on ancient Chinese brush drawing. [These have since been replaced with--you guessed it--advertising.]

Sea World, with the statue of Nuwa
Chiwan Station, for example, is represented by a sketch of the gate of the Tianhou Temple located there. Shekou Port has boats at a dock, and Shekou Sea World has the statue of Nuwa (a goddess credited with creating humankind) located down the beach.

Hi Tech Park, with electronics spewing out
These are pleasant but predictable. However, the illustration for Ke Yuan (科苑), the High Tech Park Station, shows skyscrapers with electronic goods floating over them; and Windows of the World has a pyramid and the Eiffel Tower!

Not Paris, but Windows of the World
So take a ride, and don't miss the juxtaposition of old Chinese art and new global subjects.

GPS Info:

I can't really give you GPS info for the entire line. Here, however, is information for the start and end points:

  • Chiwan Station in Nanshan on the west = 22.4796, 113.8989
  • Xinxiu Station in Luohu on the east =22.5481, 114.1492
(The line passes through Futian on the way)

Click on the links to see the stations:

For information on each station along the line, read the Wikipedia article.

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